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Get Help With The Dishes... And Other Tasks You're Tired of Doing Alone

An Online Class for Married Moms Who Do It All That Helps You Get Your Husband Off the Couch Without Fighting

In less than 20 minutes, you'll learn the 3 simple shifts I made that changed the way my husband responded when I needed help:

  • You'll learn how your expectations are sabotaging your happiness
  • Why you should stop giving him tasks and what to do instead
  • How you can let routines and structure create the support you need

You'll learn exactly what I did to get my husband away from the video games and back in our lives. Includes a free workbook to help you make a plan and implement what you've learned!

Feeling Resentful & Exhausted?

Me too girl, until I learned how to take control of my own happiness and apply what I learned as a Conscious Parenting Coach to my relationship, saving my marriage (and my kids) from divorce!

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